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What We Do.

We import high quality resort wear, specializing in silk products. In addition we import a range of jewellery including fresh water pearls and marcasite rings, silver bracelets, necklaces and accessories.

“I have spent much of my life at the beach and always feel my most relaxed near water. That has been one of the reasons that inspired me to develop a range of resort wear suitable to the Australian climate and the lay back lifestyle as well as sophisticated demeanor so often seen in around the country’s extraordinary beaches and holiday resorts. I have looked at local product and will in the future develop a line of locally produced product. In the meantime I have been captivated by products hand made by dedicated artists in the Asian regions and have therefore commenced my catalogue with a product range produced in the holiday regions of Asia.” — Celeste

They are timeless classical pieces that can be worn to the beach a poolside BBQ an ocean cruise or out to dinner and suit all ages and figure types.

The pearls are exquisite creations of nature lovingly hand strung and are some are individually designed.

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