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From the first photograph, it was obvious that Celeste would have an affinity with the camera lens.

Of course at the age of 3 when photographed for The Sun News Pictorial no one could anticipate the impact she was to have later in life as one of the most recognizable faces as a photographic model and television personality. 

It was, as you would expect on the beach on a sunny day that a keen photographer scanning the sun seeking girls reposing on the sand saw Celeste and asked if he could photograph her. The photo at the age of 15 finished up on the front page of The Age.

Celeste, after completing her education at Methodist Ladies College started her working career as a nurse, and then changed direction to the banking industry. As a result of the front page Age picture, modeling agencies were researching where this new talent was from and it didn’t take long for her to be signed up by Vivien's Model Agency, one of the leading agencies and so commenced a highly successful modeling career. One of her first assignments was a film clip for the band Sherbet and a front cover of New Idea who she would do many more covers for in years to come.

After some time of being in great demand by local photographers, advertising agencies and the corporate sector Celeste headed off overseas, to London in fact where she set up base and was an instant success doing a vast array of commercial photography which took her too many exotic places around the world. She worked with world renowned photographers and appeared in film clips for bands such as Hot Chocolate. Her smile won her the prestigious contract as the Pearl Drops girl. In addition she worked on the movie Flash Gordon with Timothy Dalton later to become James Bond

With family in Australia, Celeste returned home in 1981 and was offered the role as assistant to Ian Turpie to co-host the remake of the game show to be entitled The New Price Is Right.

In 1981 it were two very significant advertising campaigns that made Celeste a part of the news with the Ansett Airlines "Would you know which airline …." and the Holeproof ... "No Nickers" campaigns. 

She became a household name over the 5 years she was on the show and even when the show was axed by Channel 7, the producers of the show Grundy’s put her into the highly successful Sale of the Century where she was the principal model for a period of 5years. In addition to The New Price Is Right and Sale Of The Century, Celeste was also a presenter of Tattslotto, and other television specials as well as infomercials. She appeared in an infinite number of commercials which included Kelvinator commercials with Dick Emery, the Milk Board campaign with John McEnroe, Tennis Australia, and Golf championships with Seve Ballesteros, Adidas, Sunsilk, Vaseline Intensive Care, Boags Beer, Sportsgirl, Portmans, GMH, Ford, Mercedes and more. During her time on Sale of The Century she completed a Degree in Public Relations and corporate communications; in addition Celeste wrote a fashion column for the popular lifestyle publication Out 'N About

One of her most satisfying achievements has been teaching young girls grooming, deportment and self esteem in her own workshops and also at the renowned Suzan Johnston School.

Front covers of such magazines as New Idea, TV Week, Cleo and many others are a testament to her very successful career.

As a mother of 3 very active children, Celeste is focusing on their future however never to turn her back on the fashion and entertainment industry, she still undertakes photographic work, trade presentations, workshops, infomercials and is now developing a range of fashions and jewelry to be marketed under the label 
— Celeste ©

© 2014 Celeste Billinge